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Common Core State Standards will help Military dependants

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are good for the sons and daughters of Service Members. It will mean that when they move to attend a new school they should still be on the same content - or close to it.  As states go through the task of implementing CCSS, it is good to know that Laying the Foundation is working hard to help:

From the press release on Common Core State Standards:
"DALLAS, Nov. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Laying the Foundation (LTF) has recently stepped forward to become one of the leading providers of teacher lessons and activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards. With its ten-year record of providing results-driven, content-focused teacher training and classroom-ready resources, the nonprofit organization has taken its rigorous program to the next level to help middle school and high school teachers understand and implement the new standards in their classrooms.

"We didn't start out to create a program to meet Common Core State Standards—we created a program to build academic excellence in our teachers so that they could deliver challenging lessons to ensure that more students were college ready," said Dave Saba, CEO of Laying the Foundation. "With some incredible work by the teachers on our staff, we have aligned our goals to ensure that our LTF teachers can lead the way in Common Core State Standards implementation."

Remember that Laying the Foundation is a part of the National Math and Science Initiative which is driving the Initiative for Military Families - bringing more challenging math and science curriculum to high schools that serve military dependants. 

Better education = better opportunities for our children!

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