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Military Delays Cuts to Tuition Assistance

Good news on the TA front - no action  yet from Defense Dept on cuts to the Tuition Assistance programs in each of the military branches. 

BUT DON'T WAIT!!  Study now - we keep warning you to USE IT OR LOSE IT.  Whether it is Tuition Assistance, MyCAA for spouses or even GI Bill - the cuts are coming.  It is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'.

Navy Paying Students to take and Pass AP Exams

An OK article on a great program - the Navy has teamed up with the National Math and Science Initiative to offer incentives to students and teachers who take and pass STEM AP exams.  Taking a rigours AP class and passing the exam is an outstanding way to prepare for college and by passing, you earn college credit reducing the cost of college.

Ed Week has the article about the Navy Paying Students in AP.


VOW Act aims to reduce Veteran Unemployment to under 5%

The VOW Act is about this country keeping its vow to Veterans that we will respect and appreciate their service.  Yet Veterans have significantly higher unemployment rates of 15% compared to the nationally rate of 9%.  Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Committee on Veteran's Affairs has introduced H.R. 2433, The Veteran Opportunity to Work Act of 2011.

The basics of the bill are to make Transition Assistance Programs for those getting out of the service mandatory, create tax breaks for hiring veterans, provide improved certification for translating military certification to similar civilian certification, recognizing National Guard service, provide additional funding for education.

It is time to address this problem and thank you to Rep. Miller for taking action!


Choosing the right school for military and veterans!

A new guide is out from the VA on Choosing the Right School with some great resources for military and veterans who are ready to earn the degree.  The basic questions you need to ask are:

  1. What do you want to study - looking at majors and what will fit best with your career plans
  2. Is the school military friendly - a key to making life easier on using benefits and understanding military schedules
  3. Will you get credit for military training
  4. Will credits transfer if I switch schools (only go to regionally accredited schools - and make sure they have a good reputation) 
  5. What are school graduation rates - some are so low, you know you will not succeed - pick one that supports their students so they graduate.  Don't burn your benefits and have nothing when you are done (see item 4)
  6. Along with item 5, what are the retention rates - how many make it year to year with a special focus on the freshman year retention
Go to the VA website and print this out - put all your schools you want to attend on a chart and compare them to make sure you are going to the right school for you!


STEM Educator Workshop!

A great day for educators in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with Astronaut Alvin Drew!