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Cost Effective Courses

Great article in the New York Times called "A Way to Speed the Pace" about - they provide online general education courses so that you can complete those courses at a much faster rate and lower cost.  The article states that you can complete your freshman year for about $999!  Pretty incredible savings.

But the greatest benefit may be to speed up your learning process.  You complete the courses at your own pace. So if you want to take a week and knock out your college algebra, you can.  When I was in the Navy, we had the first distance learning program in Florida (note - they sent us video tapes in the mail to watch - so cutting edge). Whenever the annoying want to hear himself talk guy asked a question, we could just fast forward. So awesome.

Straighterline is a great way for military members or their spouses get a jump towards the college degree and not worry about short term deployments or duty getting in the way. 

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