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GI Bill for Culinary School

We get a lot of questions about using the GI Bill for culinary school and the answer is no - - - UNLESS, that programs leads to a degree like the one at the New England College of Business and Finance.  They have a Associates of Business Adiminstration degree program in Food Safety and Culinary Management online - so at least it gets you in the business.


Medal of Honor


"President Barack Obama bestowed a Medal of Honor on Tuesday afternoon to Army Ranger Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry, the second living soldier to win the military's highest decoration for actions in Afghanistan.
Obama noted at the ceremony's start that Petry is only the second living recipient of the medal from the Afghan and Iraq wars.Petry, originally from New Mexico, is among nine servicemen from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to win the award — given for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty."
"Leroy Petry showed that true heroes still exist and they're closer than you think," Obama said.
Petry lost his hand while throwing away an enemy grenade that endangered two fellow Rangers while he was serving in Paktya, Afghanistan, on May 26, 2008."
Congrats and THANK YOU!
"A teammate said he'd never seen someone hurt so badly," Obama said, "despite wounds he remained calm and put on his own tourniquet, and told medics how to treat him. ...
"When the fight was won, a teammate came to shake his hand. It was the first time he shook hand of true hero that ranger said."


Military Education: save time and money!

For any potential college students in the military or for veterans, take a look at MyEdu.  There is a great New York Times article on the company "Crusading From Outside to Lower College Costs"

From the article
"The company’s revamped site still allows for professor ratings, but students can also customize a degree plan that matches their desired workload in each semester and, if they choose, can help them devise the quickest path to graduation. The company, which was recently featured in a United States Chamber of Commerce report on the future of higher education, claims that 70 percent of users graduate on time, nearly double the national average.

MyEdu now includes 775 colleges and universities, up from about 60 when Mr. Crosno joined. In the first five months of this year, he said, the site logged about 2.5 million users.

MyEdu also lets students compare textbook costs. Part of the money from sales made through the site comes back to the company, one revenue stream alongside contextual advertising and sponsored content. Mr. Crosno said early efforts to charge for MyEdu services fell flat."

It is a free site with professor rating, degree management and text book cost comparison.  It also has a way to balance your courseload, calculate your GPA and track your credits.

Your goal is to earn a degree - and anyone in school knows that college advising is generally lacking - so this site can help and if they have a graduation rate of 70%, that really is something!


Filling out FASFA

Great little article on filling out FASFA for Veterans by Jennifer Williamson that looks at FASFA and Combat pay (you have to include it even though your are not taxed on it), you are independent (not a dependent on so no parent income) and your education benefits are not income.

Read the whole article here!