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What is the value of a degree?

Georgetown University provides the analysis on the value of your degree.  So if you are thinking of leaving the military and want a career that can help you for the long haul - take a look at the results:

"While there is a lot of variation in earnings over a lifetime, the authors find that all undergraduate majors areworth it, even taking into account the cost of college and lost earnings. However, the lifetime advantage ranges from $1,090,000 for Engineering majors to $241,000 for Education majors."

"there are some fields with virtually no unemployment: Geological and Geophysical Engineering; Military Technologies; Pharmacology, and School Student Counseling. While majors with the highest unemployment rates are in the fields of: Social Psychology (16 percent); Nuclear Engineering (11 percent); and Educational Administration and Supervision (11 percent)."

Know the facts before you invest your valuable time and money in a degree!

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