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Grades Drop when Parents Deploy

Not a shock to find this out, but we need to do something to fix it - A recent study found that student performance drops when a parent deploys 19 months or more.  Worse, school staff have not been trained to watch for this and take steps to help. 

From the Rand press release:
"Researchers from the RAND Arroyo Center examined 44,000 students who were children of soldiers of all ranks in the active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard, in North Carolina and Washington state. They analyzed the link between parental deployment and student achievement test scores. They also interviewed staff at schools on or near two large Army installations about the challenges the students face, and interviewed experts and key stakeholders about the barriers to behavioral health services for the students.

"Children with a parent who has deployed 19 months or more particularly face academic difficulties as evidenced by state test scores," said Amy Richardson, lead author of the report and a policy researcher at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. "This is consistent across rank or component of the soldier, seniority of the soldier, gender of the deploying parent, and gender of the child."

We need school staff training to help combat this problem.  Our military families suffer enough during long deployments, lets find ways to ensure they can still succeed in school.

The study - "Effects of Soldiers' Deployment on Children's Academic Performance and Behavioral Health"

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