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LTF Training

There will still be a EduMilitary blog, but I have recently been named as CEO of Laying the Foundation  - so please follow us on twitter there as well:  @ltftraining  - much more to come as we work hard with NMSI for military families to give them the best chance to be ready for college.


Grades Drop when Parents Deploy

Not a shock to find this out, but we need to do something to fix it - A recent study found that student performance drops when a parent deploys 19 months or more.  Worse, school staff have not been trained to watch for this and take steps to help. 

From the Rand press release:
"Researchers from the RAND Arroyo Center examined 44,000 students who were children of soldiers of all ranks in the active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard, in North Carolina and Washington state. They analyzed the link between parental deployment and student achievement test scores. They also interviewed staff at schools on or near two large Army installations about the challenges the students face, and interviewed experts and key stakeholders about the barriers to behavioral health services for the students.

"Children with a parent who has deployed 19 months or more particularly face academic difficulties as evidenced by state test scores," said Amy Richardson, lead author of the report and a policy researcher at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. "This is consistent across rank or component of the soldier, seniority of the soldier, gender of the deploying parent, and gender of the child."

We need school staff training to help combat this problem.  Our military families suffer enough during long deployments, lets find ways to ensure they can still succeed in school.

The study - "Effects of Soldiers' Deployment on Children's Academic Performance and Behavioral Health"


Michelle Obama Kicks off Military Family Support

From the Chicago Sun Times: 

Michelle Obama kicks off national drive April 12 to highlight plight of military families; launch coming after month delay

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama is going to step up her support for military families, launching a national drive on April 12--along the lines of her "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign--to highlight her new initiative.
Mrs. Obama is partnering with Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Biden; the two women have been headlining military family events since the beginning of the Obama administration. While assisting military families has long been in Mrs. Obama's portfolio, her speeches and events related to obesity have overshadowed her military work--being done at a time the nations has been in two wars--and now has a third, in Libya.
The anticipated high visibility roll-out, long in the planning, has been delayed a month. "We've got military families. We've been laying the foundation for that. You're going to be watching a pretty big initiative in March," Mrs. Obama told her beat reporters on Feb. 8.
In a statement, the White House said Mrs. Obama's "initiative aims to educate, challenge, and spark action from all sectors of our society -- citizens, communities, businesses, non-profits, faith based institutions, philanthropic organizations, and government -- to ensure military families have the support they have earned.

"In the days following the launch, Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden will travel across the country to highlight the courage and strength of our military families, and the ability of our veterans and military spouses to strengthen our communities. They will also meet with men and women who are taking action, and lending a hand to those that have served our Nation."
As part of the overall push out of Mrs. Obama's enhanced military activities, Mrs. Obama will visit West Point on May 20 to address the 2011 graduating class of the U.S. Military Academy.
On June 3, Mrs. Obama delivers the commencement speech to graduates of Quantico Middle High School, located on the Marine Corps Base at Quantico and serving military children.