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Veterans in Higher Ed - a different view

Returning Veterans of American has an essay posted by Ryan Berg - a former infantry Marine who deployed twice to Iraq.  He takes exception to the positions that IAVA has taken on education.  IAVA has said that "If veterans are [attending] they're seeing good value, and to some extent the market is going to drive [veterans to these colleges].

This is the fundamental issue - for-profits have filled a void left by non-profit schools providing online education in the areas demanded by veteran students.  For-profits filled this space because there was a huge population to serve and the funding, provided by the government, to serve them.

There are issues and those need to be addressed.  But Mr. Berg seems to move like many and indict the entire industry.  There are many great schools meeting veteran's needs. 

How to fix this?
  1. Increased oversight by accrediting bodies
  2. Improved education on education benefits at discharge
  3. Improved resources for Veterans on how to make their education decision (not set up by a marketing company)
  4. How about Veteran reviews of schools on the VA site? That would be something
  5. Since most all of the schools use Veterans as recruiters - a code of conduct might help as well
I understand the frustration and we all have a responsibility for responsible leadership in working on Veteran Education.  Veteran's who are employed by these schools need to stand up for Veterans or leave! We owe it to properly serve all those who have served.

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  1. not much a response here given the issues addressed in Berg's