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Student Veterans of America Guide to College

There is a free Military to College Guide from Student Veterans of America (SVA).  A great resource to help veterans understand the complexities of going back to school.  SVA is rapidly expanding to campuses around the US to support veterans and help them succeed.

Here are some of the recommendations - and the guide also has a great checklist for getting ready for school. 
  • Start with a few courses to ease the transition
  • Reach out to other veterans on your campus to establish a network of people you can rely on, just as you would have in your military life
  • Get to know your new professors and ask them for help
  • When studying, take notes, take frequent breaks and find a study partner
  • Take advantage of your school’s academic, tutoring and counseling services
  • Recognize your own signs of physical and psychological stress and seek help if you are overwhelmed
  • Practice regular exercise and relaxation techniques to help reduce anxiety and improve concentration
  • Participate in student activities to break down barriers and become part of the campus community
  • Recognize that others may not agree with you or understand your military service. Agree to disagree and respectfully decline to answer any questions that make you uncomfortable
Great tips and certainly worth the read.  All military Veterans entering college should have a copy.

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