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GI Bill Tuition Caps

If you have not bee to the VA blog, you need to see it.  It is not just for the great posts on information that every student veteran needs, but also the discussions of other veterans on their issues.  It is just great information.

The post on Private School Tuition Caps is one such entry. Alex Horton cover the new GI Bill 2.0 cap moving to a maximum of $17,500.  The issue is that there are many students in the middle of their studies who will now have to shell out money to finish their education.  The Yellow Ribbon program will help - but not all.

A total different problem for our friends at New England College of Business - their programs, including their MBA are all regionally accredited and LESS than the $17,500 cap.  So they will not be listed as Yellow Ribbon school this year because they don't have to discount the program - it already will be fully paid for by the GI Bill

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