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GAO report DOD Education Benefits

Just in time for the hearing, there is a GAO investigation of the $517 million the DoD spends on education benefits through the tuition assistance programs in each branch of the service. 

Unlike past GAO investigations, this one didn't name names as far as schools being too aggressive or having problems serving the military.  But here are the facts:
  1. 71% of tuition assistance courses taken were through distance learning
  2. 377,000 service members used $517 million in tuition assistance
  3. DoD lacks systems to track complaints about schools - so most of the research was hearing from ESO's
  4. There are problems with payments and aggressive marketing by for-profit schools
Recommendations for DoD from GAO:
  1. Improve accountability for recommendations made  by third-party quality reviews
  2. Develop centralized tracking for complaints against schools
  3. Conduct systemic review of oversight process
  4. Take action to ensure TA funds are used for accreditor-approved courses and programs
  5. Require and verify state authorization for all schools
Will see what happens when we get a summary of the Congressional hearing today.

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