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WARNING: Military Ed Benefits, use 'em or lose 'em

Budget Cuts - they are here to stay.  Ask any E-7 spouse who waited to use her MyCAA education benefits if waiting was a good idea and you will get a resounding NO.  He who hesitates is lost -

Back when MyCAA relaunched, DoD had this stark warning to the much fewer spouses who qualified:
  • Will the program be cut in the future?   Not in FY 2011. However, in coming years, with a reduced defense budget a reality, every program will be closely scrutinized for its contribution to military family readiness
Then came the stark warnings from Carolyn Baker at the Council of College and Military Educators that both Tuition Assistance and the new GI Bill were "unsustainable" at current levels of participation. 

From the Paycheck Chronicles blog
"With the financial instability in our world today, it is foolish to assume that the military’s educational benefits will remain the same. Please do what you can to utilize those benefits now, and prepare yourself for the possibility that they might not be available in the future."

I can't be any clearer than this.  The signs are everywhere that our current spending is not sustainable and there will be cuts.  That means that GI Bill and Tuition Assistance will be cut in the future.  If you don't get started, you might miss out.

Fear the cuts:  Education Benefits - use 'em or lose 'em.

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