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VA has 6 ways to max our your ed benefits

Great blog post over at VAntage Point which is the blog for the Department of Veteran Affairs on 6 ways to maximize your education benefits. Here is a brief run down:
  1. Ask How, What and Where - these are critical questions and need lots of thought. I see too many students wandering around schools, majors and wasting a lot of time and money 'finding' themselves and they only find themselves without a degree
    1. How do you want to study
    2. What are you going to major in
    3. Where will you study
  2. The GI Bill as an Investment - you want it to last and eliminate out of pocket by managing that investment
  3. Anticipate the Unpredictable Job Landscape - and be specific.  Healthcare is growing - but only certain professions.  Do your research and get a major that will help you transition out of the military
  4. Trust but verify - schools can be aggressive - make sure it is Regional Accredited (not national) - look at ratings, BBB and others to make sure they are legit and going to help you with your goals
  5. Beware of Questionable Research Aids - go to the legit GI Bill site and not all the marketing sites to get the real info
  6. Reintegration is the key - college can be a great method of reintegration but is also a big challenge so make sure you are ready and you have the support you need to succeed
The final thought is to do what is best for you.  This is all great advice and you should be careful as you choose the education path that is right for you.

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