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Tuition Assistance - are the cuts coming?

With all the talk about budget cuts, it is not surprising that many at the CCME conference last week were concerned about what is going to happen to Tuition Assistance.  Carolyn Baker told us the facts:
  • 2010 spending on TA: $542 million
  • 2009 spending on TA: $518 million
Now that is only a 4.6% increase in Military Tuition Assistance spending - but in a time where the Congress is trying to cut $100 billion out of the budget, things are tense.  The only exception is the Coast Guard (not DoD which is a good thing here) which announced they will not cut TA next year.

There are so many other places that the military could cut and the current high tech military needs a highly educated work force to be effective.  Until the budgets are done, all in military education are worried.

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