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President Signs GI Bill 2.0

President Obama made it official and signed S. 3447 into law yesterday!  This is a huge deal starting in August 2011 for all who serve. 

From the IAVA Site:
  • Raising monthly vocational rehabilitation benefits by nearly $800/month for over 21,000 disabled vets.
  • Simplifying the confusing tuition cap system and increasing the benefit rate in 45 states increasing the benefit to over 58,000 students
  • Grants full-time distance learners, a monthly living –allowance, including disabled veterans, single parents who provide at-home childcare, and rural veterans helping over 25,000 students
  • Authorizes generous New GI Bill vocational training benefits for apprenticeship and on-the-job training.
  • Approves benefits for students studying at trade schools like a fire academy, truck driving school or a barber college.
  • Includes full-time service in the National Guard as qualifying service toward New GI Bill eligibility which will help over 85,000 previously excluded National Guardsmen.
  • Grants active duty servicemembers using their GI Bill benefits an annual book stipend of $1,000/year.
  • Saves new enlistees to the military $1,200 by not requiring them to sign-up for the old and inadequate GI Bill. 
  • Includes a provision that will protect student veterans from predatory for-profit schools. The New GI Bill changes that and gives the VA the authority to protect veterans from those schools.
Congrats to all Veterans who helped lobby for these great changes and to Congress for bi-partisan support of our military!!

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