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NECB extends MyCAA Degree Program

Boston, MA (January 18, 2011) - New England College of Business has announced that they will continue offering a drastic reduction in tuition on Associate's Degrees in Business Administration for all spouses of active duty service members. The discount will bring the entire tuition cost of the Associate's Degree to $4,000. Under the new military spouse scholarship guidelines, MyCAA benefits can cover 100% of the tuition cost.

The original MyCAA program, which provides education funding for spouses of active duty Department of Defense service members, started in 2009 with 136,000 applications and over 98,000 spouses received funding. On October 25, 2010, the ‘new’ MyCAA program began accepting applicants. The new guidelines are much more restrictive, limiting the program to Associate degrees and certificates. The amount of the funding has also been reduced from $6,000 down to $4,000 and limited to spouses of military members who are E1-E5, W1-W2 and O1-O2.

New England College of Business and Finance responded to the new restrictions by offering a program to all spouses that would open the opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree for no out-of-pocket tuition expense. The program was targeted to end in January but due to the positive response and New England College of Business’s commitment to the military community, it has been extended until May 26, 2011. This extension will provide many more spouses time to get their program approved for MyCAA funding.

Courses offered through New England College of Business are 100% online, incorporating a state of the art learning technology platform which allows students to learn any time and from any place. Military spouses are a part of a learning community working on their degrees and forming new connections and friendships. With high retention rates and a commitment to quality and affordability, NECB, a Yellow Ribbon and Military Friendly college, is the growing choice for military members and their families stationed around the globe.

Emily Knight, who directs this outreach program for NECB, shared her personal connection to the education needs of military spouses. "As a child, I watched my mother try to earn her graduate degree while caring for my brother and me during my father’s long deployments on a submarine. Online learning wasn't available and there were no programs to help military families pay for their education. I firmly believe that military spouses need our support and it's our obligation to help them achieve their education goals."

Spouses wishing to apply for their degree through this program can do so online at or call 800.997.1673. Students must register and be enrolled by May 26, 2011 and are required to finish their program in 36 months.

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