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MyCAA Use Down / GI Bill Changes

The new MyCAA program is certainly not getting used as much as the old MyCAA – only 18,000 spouses have taken advantage of the program since it re-started in October compared to 136,000 who signed up for the old version. Many spouses are confused about who can take advantage of it and whether it will work for their education goals. Please help get the word out so spouses don’t miss out on this program.


• New England College of Business and Finance has an Associate Degree in Business for ALL military spouses with a total tuition cost of $4,000 and less than $100 is fees.

• American College of Education has master’s degrees leading to a certificate that qualify for MyCAA (because of the certificate part) and the total tuition for a master’s degree is $6,950:

American University System welcomes Texas A&M Commerce to our partner schools. They are offering an online Executive MBA with a $5,000 military tuition grant for a total cost of $694 per credit hour. They also offer a BS in Business Administration online for a total cost of just over $15,000.

Florida International University has awarded over $1,000,000 in military scholarships in the last 6 months for their online Corporate MBA - - All active duty, veterans and family members qualify for the $10,000 scholarship.

Lamar University has added an online Master of Education in School Counseling – this online program has a total tuition cost for out of state of $8,460. They also have Bachelor’s of Applied Arts and Sciences, Criminal Justice and General studies – 100% online and with maximum transcript credit for military transcripts.

Over 1,000 Veterans, active duty and spouses have used the Personal Finance Bootcamp from New England College of Business and Finance – this FREE online course helps people take charge of their personal finances – AND they can see if online learning or a business degree is right for them. Spread the word:

American University System partner schools are ALL Regionally Accredited and most are state schools. Come see us at CCME and learn more about how we can help your students. And please include us in your next Education Fair.


  1. Thank for this is very useful resource.

  2. It really is surprising how confused a lot of veterans are about the benefits they have available to them. We should all do our part to educate them.