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Military Spouses: Lawmakers order review of education opportunities

Army Times is reporting that tucked into the 2011 defense authorization bill is a requirement that defense officials conduct an extensive review of military spouse education programs to determine their effectiveness.  They also want to know if these programs are helping with retention. 

No doubt this is a direct effect from the cries of so many military spouses after the MyCAA debacle - first it was there, then it was not and then it was cut - drastically.  All done with poor communication and no apparent input from spouses. 

DoD officials have 180 days after the bill is signed by President Obama to conduct their analysis.  Now - I tend to be a bit of a cynic when it comes to DoD analysis since it usually proves the point they want to prove - but I will hope for the best and that they determine that helping military spouses get a solid education will lead to better jobs which leads to improved family life which will help our younger service members stay in the military longer.

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