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Veterans in College: more support needed

The National Survey of Student Engagement for 2010 is out with special attention on military veterans in the classroom.  The survey of 362,000 first year students and seniors attending 564 U.S. Colleges and Universities.  Here are the bullets:
  • Veterans perceive lower levels of campus support than non veterans
  • Veterans interact less with faculty members
  • Compared to first year students, combat veterans spent twice as much time working
  • Compared to first year student combat veterans spent 6 times as much time on dependent care
  • 20% of veterans report having a disability compared to half that of non veterans
Not really surprising.  Veterans going back to school will be older and more likely to have families.  And with so many Veterans coming back from Iran and Afghanistan, they do need extra support and schools must be prepared for to deal with these great students who have additional challenges in life.

Maybe seeing the numbers will get more schools moving in the right direction. 

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