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VA Urges Early Enrollment Certification

Not surprising here - the VA wants schools to submit enrollment certifications early so Veterans can get paid.  The delay for Vets ran 45 days from some - so if you are in school, make sure your Veteran's Office is getting certifications done now.  From the VA:

"Last summer, VA encouraged schools to submit enrollment certifications for the fall semester early to help expedite direct payments to students. To ensure that students receive timely payments, we are encouraging School Certifying Officials (SCOs) to submit enrollment certifications for the Spring 201 1 enrollment periods as soon as possible. This effort will allow VA to manage the increased workload, and minimize delays in processing and paying students' books and supplies stipends, housing allowances, and kicker payments"

We know you need your benefits and will make sure we are certifying early at American University System Schools.

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