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President to sign GI Bill 2.0 today?

I looked on his schedule but it doesn't show that he is going to sign GI Bill 2.0 into law.  Note that the changes do not go into affect until August 2011 - in time for the fall semester for most students.  But it will definitely help online students the most.  Veterans groups like IAVA advocated for this change in order to increase access to education for wounded Veterans and Veterans working full time.
  1. All Veterans receive the housing allowance
  2. The maximum benefit is $17,000 per year (if you take 15 credits a semester this is about $533 per credit - enough for our MBA Programs!)
  3. Opens it up to National Guard
  4. Gives the VA the authority to shut down for profit 'predatory schools' from receiving VA students
So a pretty good deal.  Let's get it signed President Obama and really make this an even better deal for Veterans.

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