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NY Times slams schools serving veterans

While the premise of the article is that for-profit colleges and universities are ripping off the military in the NY Times article: "Big Profits and Scrutiny for Colleges That Draw Veterans", they do try to provide a little on page three.

Bottom line here:
  • Online schools provide programs the Veterans and Service members want
  • Online programs better meet military schedules
  • State schools don't 'do' online well if at all (exception here
  • However: graduation rates in 4 year programs at most online for-profits is not good
  • 2 year graduation rates in for-profits are actually better than public schools
The bottom line is that there is a lot of money out there and like throwing chum in the ocean, it is going to bring some sharks.  But there are a lot of good for-profit programs like ours who do things the right way, don't throw all our money at marketing and have to charge double what we should and get reasonable graduation rates. 

Hopefully Congress will fix the problem in a way that targets desired metrics and not fixes the blame on all for-profit schools.

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