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MyCAA for a Master's?

The changes to the MyCAA program have been significant.  They have limited the military spouse education funding program to certain ranks and it can only be used for an Associates Degree or for a certificate program.  This seem to block out anyone trying to earn a master's degree - especially troublesome because many military spouses are teachers and a master's in teaching can really help your career if you have to move every 2-3 years.

But never underestimate the resourcefulness of military spouses.

One teacher, currently stationed in Japan, wants to earn her Master's in Curriculum and Instruction with ESL specialization leading to an ESL certificate.  Because it leads to a certificate, she can use her MyCAA dollars.  And because the program is from American College of Education, she only has to pay $6950 total for he program - subtract the $4,000 that MyCAA will pay and she can earn her M.Ed. for $2,950!!

So I called the MyCAA program just to make sure and they confirmed that because the course work leads to an additional certificate for the teacher, it does meet he requirements.  This is also true for our Education Leadership degree leading to principal certificate and our Educational Technology degree leading to a technology certificate!

This is great news for any military spouse who is teaching.  It can really take your teaching career to the next level.

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