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Military Veteran MBA's

For Veteran's day we wanted to get some thoughts from our Military Veteran MBA's in the Florida International University program. Freddie Sanquiche, who is pictured above took the program because he went from being an Apache Crewchief in the Air Force to a civilian contractor in Iraq and needed an online program to be able to advance his career.  He told me that "The Veterans scholarship made it affordable for me to pursue my master's degree."

Andy Gammel served six years in Marine Corps Special Operations and now works in the oil business.  He told me;  "I chose FIU because of the high academic standing, the highest accreditation level for MBA's, good program value and a fully online program."

All Military Veterans, Active Duty and their immediate families qualify for the $20,000 military scholarship.  You only need a military ID to take advantage of an amazing program at an affordable price.

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