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Get the Facts on MyCAA

I still get quite a few questions from military spouses on the MyCAA program.  It is a DoD funded scholarship for military spouses that provide $4,000 in education funding for certificate or associate degree programs. 

From the MyCAA site - click here the resources you need to answer the following questions.:
  • Who is eligible to participate in the MyCAA Program
  • What MyCAA funding does and does not pay for
  • How to establish a MyCAA Account
  • How to provide feedback to MyCAA
  • How to get additional information and assistance.

Click here to review new MyCAA Program Guidelines. Updated FAQs for Spouses and FAQs for Schools provide additional information.  If a video is more to your liking, there is a MyCAA Video.
Don't mess around on this.  The money seems to come and go with the federal budget.  And with budget cuts looming, you don't want to have missed out on a great opportunity. 
Remember when you are enrolling in MyCAA:  New England College of Business has an Associate Degree in Business for Military Spouses for a total tuition cost of $4,000:

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