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For Veterans Day: Troops become Teachers

Military Veterans in the classroom is not a new story.  But American College of Education is helping Veterans advance into leadership positions and enhance their teaching practice by earning their master's degrees. 

We have just posted their great stories on our website!  Denise Kemp is a Second grade teacher in North Caroline and is still in the Air Force reserves.  The quote that really hits home: “I decided to go into teaching because my favorite part of being a supervisor in the military was training airmen how to do their job".

David Starr is teaching Fifth Grade in Illinois.  He is in the National Guard and spent a year training troops for Afghanistan and Iraq.  He loves the fact that in his master's degree program he has "been expose to new ideas that I have implemented in the classroom.  I have been more focused on research-based theories and practices."

Mark Osenko teaches Eighth Grade History in Connecticut.  He served in the Marine Corps in the Infantry (I imagine his history class is learning about the Marine Corps' 235th birthday today!).  He went into teaching to "help students reach their full potential".

All of our students are using the GI Bill to earn their Master's in Education.  This is a tremendous opportunity.  The prevailing theme in speaking with these Veterans/teachers who are now students is that they love the opportunity to serve this country a second time in our classrooms.

Thank you and we honor you on this Veterans Day!

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