Thank you for Serving


Thank you for your service

We spend a lot of time on military bases speaking with our troops about their education options.  If I get the chance, I do try to thank them for their service.  But when someone is killed in the line of duty, it seems so inadequate.

My daughter plays and loves lacrosse.  Her passion started when we went to the Naval Academy to watch their lacrosse team.  These athletes are truly inspiring especially when compared to the spoiled professional and college athletes today.

One star that we loved to watch play was Brendan Looney.  He always left it ALL on the field, fighting hard for every point and for his team.  He was nothing short of amazing. 

After graduating from the Naval Academy, he became a Navy SEAL.  Not surprising at all when you watched him play lacrosse. 

He was killed last week in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.   He was truly an amazing American. 

LT Looney, our thanks to you for your service, our prayers for your family and we will always remember your sacrifice for this country.

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