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MyCAA - one month for current spouses

Yesterday, I entered all our courses  for our military spouses who are on current MyCAA approved programs attending American College of Education and New England College of Business so that our students can get their Financial Assistance approved for classes starting on or before January 1, 2011. 

Remember:  you have only ONE MONTH to get your FA approved for this time period.

Because these schools care about military spouses - both of them are allowing our MyCAA students to double up their classes to maximize their reimbursement.  This is huge!!

And don't forget that NECB has a special MyCAA Business Degree - an Associate degree in business administration for a total tuition cost of only $4,000 so that MyCAA can pay the full tuition!!

We will keep you posted - but please make sure you know all the key dates for the MyCAA transition.

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