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MyCAA comes back!

Wow - what an incredible response to the amazing program offered by the New England College of Business and Finance for spouses who are ready to use their MyCAA education dollars to earn a degree. The spouses I spoke with yesterday were literally so happy they were crying.

The main thing they said when they found out they could use their MyCAA education dollars to earn and Associate of Science in Business and not have to pay any out-of-pocket was that it felt nice to know people cared. The spouse of an E2 currently serving in Iraq with 3 kids just needed to know that people really do support her and what she is going through right now. She needed to stop feeling down and do something to break out of the funk of a long deployment. Earning her degree is her goal and knowing that there is a school where MyCAA can pay for the tuition was just amazing!

Please help spread the word so that more spouses can improve their lives today!

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