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Hazelwood Act - amazing Education Benefit!

I have been working with some great students who are ready to use the Hazlewood Act in Texas to reach their education and career goals.  Once again, I am impressed at how easy it is to use for either University of Texas - Arlington or Lamar University

Hazlewood Act Forms

A Texas veteran may qualify for an exemption from payment of tuition and most fees under the Hazlewood Act if he or she:
  1. Is a Texas resident;
  2. was a resident of Texas at the time he/she entered the US Armed Forces;
  3. have served at least 181 days of active military duty as indicated in “net active service” (the sum of 12(c) and 12(d) on the DD214);
  4. has received an honorable discharge or separation or a general discharge under honorable conditions;
  5. has Federal education benefits for term or semester enrolled that do not exceed the value of Hazlewood benefits (Pell and SEOG grants are not relevant as of Fall 2005);
  6.  is not in default on a Federal education loan or student loan made or guaranteed by the State of Texas; and
  7. enrolls in classes for which the college receives tax support unless the governing board of the college rules to allow the exemption.
You will be required to present a letter from the VA regional office at Muskogee, Oklahoma (1-888-442-4551) stating that you are not currently eligible for VA GI Bill benefits and complete an application before you can utilize these benefits.

If you meet the criteria listed above you should contact the Veterans Affairs Office and let them know you may be eligible.

This exemption cannot be used at a private or propriety institution. There are no funds in the Hazlewood Act. It is an exemption from payment of tuition and all fees except for the property deposit fees and the student service fees. The Hazlewood Act exemption can only be used at a Texas public institution.

I spoke with a great RN who is ready to take her nursing career to the next level by earning her BSN from UT Arlington.  She has exhausted her VA GI Bill benefits so she is eligible to have her tuition eliminated by the Hazelwood Act. 

It is a great deal!  So if you qualify, make sure you take advantage of this great program.

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