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For-Profits to get more Military Scrutiny!

As we travel around to military bases, here is my biggest issue with online schools:  technology should lower the cost, not increase it!  Here is a quote from a recent Businessweek article on military education benefits:

"On-line education programs cost about 28 percent more than comparable courses taught on ground campuses in fiscal year 2009, said Daniel Sitterly, director of force development for the U.S. Air Force. Many online programs charge the maximum per credit hour, $250, that institutions are allowed, he said."

That is just wrong.  Lamar University has a Bachelor of Arts and Applied Sciences that works for military members that costs just $150 per credit hour with NO Application fee.  Let's do the math shall we?  If the maximum you can get per fiscal year is $4,500 then you can take either take 6 classes at most online schools or 10 classes at Lamar University. 

While I was at the Great Lakes Education fair, the ESO there told me he was happy to see online schools that didn't charge the maximum because they could. 

So scrutinize away - it is time for military education to leverage technology to increase efficiency, not costs.

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  1. While I can understand the upset about the educational institutions charging the max of $250 per credit hour and I think that is wrong if they are abusing the system. On the other hand, I have studied personally at three different online institutions that charged well over the DOD $250 per credit hour cap but awarded me a discount that allowed me to attend (virtually of course) with the reduced rate of $250.00 per credit hour. I am not sure if the artificially inflated the price to make it appear to me that I was getting a deal or not. I do know that my wife was going to attend the same school and they quoted her the higher price. The reason I didn't stay with the first two schools is due to having to pay for books and technology fees(whatever that intels. Even though $100 per class isn't all that bad to have to pay to get your education, it adds up especially when you have 5 kids to support, so I had to research around to find a school that I got everything in one package for the price of $250.00 per credit hour. In most cases it seems as though we are being charged higher prices as a convenience fee which is not acceptable.