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WARNING: shady schools

There is a new GAO report out showing for-profit schools violating laws, ethics and using incredibly skeezy sales tactics. Note that NONE of the schools on this website do any of the things outlined in this report. Most are state schools and the two for-profit schools do NOT get more than 90% of their revenue from government programs and do NOT participate in shady sales tactics like the ones targeted in the GAO report. If you watch the videos - these guys are really bad.

So what should you do if you are a military student looking to further your education?
  1. Do your research - compare schools, compare tuition rates per credit hour, look at the Better Business Bureau and see if they have any complaints.
  2. For Associates and Bachelor degrees DO NOT TAKE ON DEBT - if the tuition is more than TA or GI Bill then find another program. If the school gives you a FASFA form - run
  3. For Master's degrees - definitely minimize the debt with TA or GI Bill covering more than half
  4. If you feel pressure - STOP the process. If the school really cares about YOU, they will respect your desires and make sure you comfortable with what is happening
  5. Know exactly what you are getting if you go the financial aid route - and know what your payments are going to be when you complete - are you going to broke after the payments?

Your pay is not going to go up astronomically for earning your advanced degree in the military or even when you get out, so you don't want to take on a ton of debt to get there.

Be smart, be careful and shop around.

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