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Navy Master Training Specialist

Another great question this weekend from a Navy Master Training Specialist who wants to earn a Master's in Education from American College of Education. He wants to use TA (tuition assistance) but didn't know quite how to proceed.

Because of he is an instructor, I don’t think he will have any problem getting TA approved for the degree since it will help his career. He will start at the Navy College website to get the process started. We have had another student use Navy TA before so American College of Education should be in the system. He will need to get his request approved by the Navy College on base. The website has the locations.

He should receive $250 per credit hour and the M.Ed programs at ACE costs less than that so the TA will cover the entire cost of the program. We invoice the Navy by course.

This is a pretty great opportunity to earn your masters with nothing out of pocket for a very high quality program. So all you military instructors out there - let's get you going on the a very big step in your career!

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