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Military Scholarships

In the past I have listed military scholarships for spouses but neglected to highlight one that is becoming incredibly popular for ALL military: $20,000 Military MBA Scholarship . If $20,000 sounds like a lot - it is. The total tuition for the Corporate Master's of Business Administration (CMBA) program from Florida International University is $42,000 so you are essentially getting half off. This brings the cost per credit hour down to $524!

The scholarship program is open to military Service members, Veterans, spouses and immediate family members. I have worked with a lot of family members who are starting the program and needed a DD214 to prove military service for their parent. (copies of DD214).

Please take a look - you don't find many scholarships like this. It is a great program, regionally accredited by the Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business - the recognized accrediting body for business programs.

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