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IT Degree or Concentration

Spoke with a lot of Service members recently who have a enough credits to get an associates degree but want to move forward and get their bachelor degree in Information Technology. Many of the schools are telling them they will have to basically start over to earn their degree.

But that is not the only choice. There is a Bachelor's of Applied Arts and Sciences from Lamar University that has a concentration in Gaming and Web Applications for the 21st Century. Pretty Cool!

You get to apply the credits you have already earned, don't have to start from scratch and get to take the classes below as your concentration:
  • Gaming Programming
  • Digital Media
  • Web 2.0 Social Networking
  • Internet “Cyber” Security
  • Web Design

Getting your degree will help your career and taking courses that really interest you ensures that you will complete. Stop taking courses and start earning your degree!

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