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GI Bill Concurrent Enrollment

Talking to a lot of veterans right now who want to complete a hybrid program of online and live classes to earn the master's or bachelor degrees. The VA does allow veterans to enroll in 2 schools with the Concurrent Enrollment program. From the Certifying School Officials Manual:

Supplemental and Concurrent Enrollments
A student may take courses at more than one school that apply to his or her degree. The school that will grant the degree is the student’s “parent” school. All other schools are “secondary” schools.

VA can pay benefits for courses taken at secondary schools. If the student is enrolled at the secondary school, VA will pay for the credits taken at the secondary. If the student is enrolled at the parent and the secondary school at the same time (“concurrent”); VA will pay for the combined credit, taking overlapping enrollment dates into account.

What do you need? You need a letter from the Parent School addressed to the VA Certifying Official at the Secondary school. It can be sent by mail, email or hand carried by the student. The letter must:
  • Identify the student (name and social security number) as a student at your school (name and facility code) pursuing a .
  • State, “The courses listed below satisfy requirements and will transfer at full value to .”
  • List the courses the student is or will take at the secondary school that your school will accept as transfer credit towards the student’s program.

The parent school must ensure they receive a transcript from the secondary school and that transfer credit is granted, grades permitting. When certifying a student, the parent school only certifies those credits taken at the parent school. The parent school also must notify VA of any changes of enrollment at the parent school. The secondary school must report credits taken at the secondary school and any changes in enrollment at the secondary school.

The “Secondary” School will mail an Enrollment Certification or transmit a 1999 for the student as they would for any veteran student (remember tuition and fees), except:

  • They only certify courses listed in the parent school letter.
  • Enter “Supplemental enrollment, see remarks” for name of program.
  • Enter “NA” for Credit Allowed.
  • IMPORTANT: In remarks, they must state: “Supplemental enrollment. Parent school letter from is on file. Student taking .”

For many students taking online programs, this is a great way to still qualify for the the Post 9/11 GI Bill housing allowance while still earning the degree from the school they want.

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