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Navy TA Caps

The Navy just keeps getting tighter - and that means more education cuts. So far this year they have cut education fairs and seem to be systematically be eliminating ESO's. Now they are putting a tighter cap on Navy Tuition Assistance as reported by

From the article:
The Navy announced the implementation of a quarterly cap on Tuition Assistance payments which is set to start in October. As the only service to limit TA to 16 units a year, the Navy has a history of carefully controlling the use of TA by its members.

According to Navy officials, this new quarterly cap is the service’s way of ensuring the availability of TA throughout the year. This new limitation is undoubtedly related to the increasing cost of TA and shrinking military budgets which are sure to come in the next fiscal year.

It always seems a little wrong to cut benefits to Service members during a time when we are asking so much.

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