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MyCAA - - no news just stinks

Because I have a lot of spouses waiting for MyCAA to come back so they can get started on their education, I check the military onesource website every morning. And every morning I read the same depressing - "We are currently developing options for the long-term management of the MyCAA program and expect to be able to announce the details soon."

It is July 20th now and getting dangerously close to losing another semester of study for our spouses who sacrifice so much for our country. It is shameful that Secretary Gates made a promise and still has not lived up to his word.

For those spouses waiting, no that we are ready and have monthly starts so if they can't turn it on by September, you still can mover forward with your goals. Until then, we can hope that they finally develop the options I read about every single morning.

NOTE!! Meet me at Dover AFB on the 21st or Hasncom AFB on the 22nd for the Base Education Fairs!

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