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MyCAA changes

The new changes to MyCAA announced by the DoD yesterday have generated a lot of discussion and all of it is critical of the new rules. In the DoD statement, they are either clueless as to how these changes will actually affect military spouses or think that they can spin their way out of this.

The original intent of the program was to help get associate degrees and certificates and I get that these changes bring MyCAA back to the original intent. But anytime you take away something that is considered a great benefit, you hurt morale. So saying that:
"When service members are confident that their families at home have access to resources and support, they are better able to focus on their mission,”
when most families now feel that support has been yanked out from under them is cruel.

I have spoken with spouses who have started a program that will help them truly take a step forward in their careers that may have to drop the program without these funds. This is a blow to morale and will do more damage than good.

Spouses need support. They need real education options that can have a real impact on their long term careers when they move every few years. The new MyCAA program does not provide that support.

But please note that we are still here to help. The schools we work with have leveraged technology to lower the tuition to make education affordable. So even if you don't have MyCAA you can earn a Master's in Education from University of Texas-Arlington, American College of Education, Lamar University or Arkansas State University for less than $7,000. You can complete your bachelor's with Lamar as well for $150 per credit hour. And you can earn an associate, bachelor's or master's in business from New England College of Business and Finance. We also have RN to BSN programs at UTA, Ohio and Purdue at less than $5,000 in state.

So don't let these changes stop your education - find the program that will actually help you get there.

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