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TEB: Transfer of Education Benefits

We have already talked about how many service members are using their Tuition Assistance to further their education and saving their GI Bill for their spouses or kids. I just received another request yesterday to help someone who is giving their GI Bill education benefits to their spouse so that they can complete the Education Leadership program at American College of Education.

So a quick review is in order on how to transfer your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits! Find out more at the VA -
  1. The military member must submit a transfer request at the site - they assign a transfer with the number of months for the program
  2. They need to specify the start date and end date in this request
  3. Once the transfer has been assigned to the spouse – they must submit the transfer request for approval
  4. They will see a Transfer Approved in their account
  5. Then the spouse must apply for a certificate of eligibility for our program on the VONAPS site
  6. Then they just follow the regular GI Bill process

Pretty simple and straightforward which is truly the hallmark of military education benefits today.

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