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Protect Convoy -> Finish Degree

I am always amazed by those serving in harms way. But when you can do your job protecting a convoy at war, stay in contact with your family and still manage to finish your college degree, it just totally blows me away.

In August Corporal Aaron Taylor will graduate from Lamar University even though he is currently deployed in Iraq. His story is like so many others in the all volunteer service - he felt it was his duty to enlist even though he was close to finishing his degree.

But just before he left, he found out about the 100% online degree completion program at Lamar and felt he could get it done while on deployment. And he did. He will walk in the Lamar graduation in August.

The best in the military have an incredible focus on goal completion. I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to help these amazing professionals achieve their education goals. We recently set up unofficial transcript review so that our potential military students know where they stand and what they need. We are hitting the bases next month with two degree completion programs that will take that transcript review and create a roadmap to their bachelor degree.

In geometry, the shortest distance between two points is a line - for bachelor degrees, the shortest distance is online degree completion through New England College of Business and Lamar University.

Congrats to Corporal Aaron Taylor - be safe and we look forward to seeing you at graduation!

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