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Press Love Military Personal Finance Boot Camp

Some great press on the FREE Personal Financial Boot Camp offered to military members by the New England College of Business and Finance! With 50 people enrolling in the first day, obviously the military loves it as well.

This is a great benefit with no catch - we just want to get those really interested in business to continue on to get their degree. And it is a great way for military members to try an online course and see how they like it.

The "money quote" - "There is a tremendous financial strain on military members and their families and this online boot camp is designed to give them the skills and long term planning necessary to reduce that strain," said Howard Horton, President at New England College of Business and Finance. "Financial literacy is essential for anyone but with long war time deployments, multiple moves, and the requirements for continued education, our military members have the greatest need for this online course," he said.

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