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Post 9/11 GI Bill

Great article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed on the Post 9/11 GI Bill - who is using it and where are they going to school. "Veterans Use New GI Bill" doesn't really have any surprises. Since military schedules are tough to predict, online programs are the primary choice. And since for-profit colleges/universities dominate the online market, they are getting the largest share of military members using GI Bill education benefits.

I do believe a shift is coming. Service is still the key - and more Education Service Officers are getting a little annoyed with some of the higher pressure sales tactics that are causing service members some problems. Bigger is not always better.

The article doesn't take into account other programs like MyCAA and Tuition Assistance. Yesterday I was working with a spouse who is using MyCAA and part of her husband's GI Bill for her master's degree (at FIU's CMBA program). He is using Tuition Assistance to finish his Bachelor's in business (NECB Bachelor's in Business Administration). And they are saving the remaining GI Bill for their kids to go to college.

How cool is that? Now that is an education benefit package if we can help support the entire military family.

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