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Read the update on the latest mycaa changes!

More on the MyCAA program and how it works. Hopefully coming back soon and want all the spouses ready to take advantage of this amazing program!


  1. I spoke with militaryonesource today and they advised me (as did the educational consultant they forwarded me to) that MyCAA was NOT up and running yet and as of now they did not have any info when it would be up. There appears to be a lot of confusion. Do you have any more current information? Please contact me at

    Thank you,
    Amy King

  2. I can tell you what MyCAA has told the schools. Anyone who is currently registerd with MyCAA and has an active account can continue to receive training funding.
    Anyone who has yet to set up an account will have to wait until the Dept. of Defence decides what the purpose of the program should be. They promise to have it resolved "relatively soon." Here's a recent link to an article about MyCAA:

    Hope that helps.
    Dan Guerra
    Community Business College