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MyCAA - the delays continue

Stars and Stripes is reporting that MyCAA will come back on in the "not to distant future". Wow - thanks for pinning it down for us. The other big concern is that they don't want spouses using this for education - but more for job training/certificates. They want spouses to use the Post 9/11 GI Bill for college.

Not Good.

First - if you need a good job, you need a college degree - if you have one, an advanced degree will open up more job opportunities no matter where you move.

Second - military families really need to save the GI Bill for their children because college is so expensive.

Third - and this is key - you have to have 6 years in to be able to transfer education benefits. You know which spouses need education NOW - those with the least amount of time in service.

MyCAA is there to help spouses increase opportunities for employment with education dollars. Let's make sure it actually does that!!

Read the DoD Release.

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