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More GI Bill Questions

I had a couple of great discussions last week with Veterans and service members on using their education benefits.

The first question came from a child of a veteran. The veteran is 100% disabled from service. She had used his GI Bill to complete college but was wondering if there was any way to pay for her master's. I asked her to contact the VA and look at Chapter 35 Survivor & Dependent Educational Assistance Program which does apply to sons and daughters between 18 and 26. I don't think a lot of people know about the DEA program and it looks like a great option for her to get her master's in educational leadership from American College of Education.

The second question was from Iraq: a Soldier wanted to start using her benefits to begin an online program before rotating back to the US. It is a great plan and a great idea. Things had slowed down enough for her to get started. I did talk to her about getting an unofficial transcript review, getting credit for her military service then completing a bachelor's at NECB. Unfortunately she wanted an Information Systems degree and we don't offer that through through American University System - so I had to steer her to another school.

The final question was from a Veteran who was thinking of getting a second master's degree in educational technology. But he has a son who starts college in the fall. He prepaid the tuition in Florida - but as a father of 2 girls in college, I told him the books and room/board would suck up quite a lot of money. He is probably going to move his MGIB to Post 9/11 GI Bill and then transfer education benefits (TEB) to his son.

On the business side, only one ended up in our schools. But always a huge win helping Veterans and Service Members advance bring their education goals to reality!

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