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A Good Deal?

When selecting a university, service members must be acutely aware of the actual price. There is the perception that if a program is online it must be cheaper - and that is not even close to the truth.

Even Wal-Mart is having trouble getting a bargain - and they should know how to find one. They recently contracted with an online provider who is going to give course credit for working at Wal-Mart providing a great education benefit for employees.

But associate degrees will still cost $11,700 and bachelor's degrees will cost $24,000 according to community college spotlight. Hardly a bargain when compared to community colleges and when you compare to schools that are really focused on affordability like New England College of Business and Finance.

The irony is not lost - Wal-Mart went with a higher priced option. A little better bargain hunting could have produced a better deal.

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