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Credit for Military Courses

Now that New England College of Business and Finance is offering college credit for military courses, we all need to better understand the process. The military transcript you have can really help but you need to understand how that translates into a degree. NECB is now ready with an unofficial transcript review which will ultimately lead to roadmap for your college degree.

If you haven't looked at your military transcript, you can look at the American Council on Education (ACE) to determine how the training you have completed in your military service would translate into college credits. For instance, Naval Flight Officers could get 6 lower division baccalaureate/associate degree credits for their advanced navigation course. Or the basic airframes course could earn my former AM's 5 semester hours for their associate degree.

But just piling on a bunch of credits doesn't really get you anywhere if it doesn't shorten the time to your degree. You need to find the right credits for the degree you want. You have to start with an unofficial transcript review to give you an idea of which courses will really move you towards your educational goals.

So always look for a military friendly school that does provide that transcript review for you. It is why we are putting together the American University System - to help provide even more degree options for military members that will maximize their military training/credits.

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