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Army Tuition Assistance

Back in the day, the military bureaucracy required many months to complete complex tasks. Today, that is just not the case and I am constantly amazed at how fast things move on the education side of things to help our servicemembers.

Yesterday I had a call from a Staff Sergeant in Miami who is ready to get his Bachelor's in Business Administration. He has selected the New England College of Business and Finance (NECB) to help him achieve this goal. He wants to save his Post 9/11 GI Bill for his kids and use Army Tuition Assistance. Sadly, NECB was not yet approved for this. I thought it would take months.

It took me a matter of hours.

We requested approval, filled out the online forms, got checked out and NECB is now an approved provider of education programs for Army Tuition Assistance! Since NECB charges less that the maximum allowed per credit hour, our Florida SSGT will have no money out of pocket for his bachelors degree.

With our transcript review, many of his credits attained during his career will put him even closer to his educational goals.

Thank you Army Tuition Assistance for so quickly helping us help this soldier.

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