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MyCAA – Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts which provide $6,000 for active duty military spouses for education are coming back! They were put on hold on due to overwhelming response but Secretary of Defense Gates says MyCAA will be back on in two weeks!

So for all those who are doing THE toughest job in the military, we wanted to make sure you know how to apply for this amazing benefit.

MyCAA process:
  1. Ensure that you are confirmed in DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) as benefit eligible
  2. Establish MyCAA account - create a profile on the MilitaryOneSource website
  3. You must agree to seek employment in Portable Career Fields upon completion of your education program (business, health and education all qualify)
  4. When you are in the MyCAA website, select a College/University and then select the degree program you wish to complete
  5. Create your Career and Training plan - this is the list of courses you are going to take to achieve your career goal. Most colleges have these uploaded for each degree so you should be able to find it when you select the program. You must save your Career and Training plan to submit for approval
  6. A MyCAA consultant must approve your plan
  7. You can enroll in the school at any time during this process
  8. Now that you have an approved Career and Training Plan, you must select classes and then apply for Financial Assistance (FA) for the upcoming term
  9. Let the school know when your FA is approved
  10. The school logs in to MyCAA and checks to ensure there is an approved FA for the student - - the student should be registered at this time
  11. The Financial Assistance is paid directly to the school.
  12. Once your account is open you are eligible for up to $6,000 to complete your career goals
  13. Every term, you must select your classes (once again, a military friendly school will have these in the MyCAA system) and get your FA approved
  14. Other resources: MyCAA Flyer, Spouse Fact Sheet, MyCAA Spouse FAQ

Not too difficult and certainly worth the effort. If you are looking for a specific program, I have worked closely to train the following military friendly schools to help spouses use their MyCAA education benefits in great portable careers. Definitely give these a try!

Business Degrees: New England College of Business and Florida International University

Education Master's Degrees: American College of Education, Lamar University, Arkansas State University, University of Texas Arlington

Nursing (RN to BSN): University of Texas Arlington, Ohio University, Purdue University

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